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Inventor Spotlight: Phenom Elite Is Ready to Partner with Your Team

Inventor Spotlight: Phenom Elite Is Ready to Partner with Your Team

Phenom Elite FNF Coaches Magazine Feature

By: Elliott Kimball

Founded in 2013, Phenom Elite CEO and Founder Nathan Dorton was inspired to break down the process behind the creation of the gloves used by his college football team. Needless to say, he did it. What started as a $65 loan from his dad is now a company committed to providing the highest quality equipment to large and small teams at all levels of play, with Nathan still at the helm. Partnerships forged between Phenom Elite and the teams they supply with gloves are the lifeblood of this innovative brand, proving that the needs of any team can be customized to their greatest potential. Your team is no different.

A perfect example was the Arena Football League (AFL) selecting Phenom Elite as the Official Uniform and On-Field Apparel Provider for the 2019 season. AFL Commissioner Randall Boe articulates that the motivation behind AFL’s dramatic 2019 rebrand was to show that Arena Football is exciting, engaging and fast-paced. With their similar vision for re-imagining the sport and their proven passion for cutting-edge design, Phenom Elite was the natural choice.

Dorton discussed their customized approach, working with each individual AFL team to tell their team’s story through innovative design, all while equipping them to excel in performance. In 2020 and beyond, Phenom Elite continues to be the official sponsor of many professional arena football teams. This same proven commitment has also been extended to five high school teams, three All-American Bowls, and one college team.

By definition, a phenom is described as being outstandingly talented, and more specifically an up-and-comer. Through personal and customized relationships with teams at every level of play, the Phenom Elite Team knows what it takes to elevate your team’s game with high quality equipment that makes a statement on the field. Phenom Elite seeks to create a network of teams, all committed to game-changing performance, connected and larger than themselves thanks to their phenomenal signature gear.

Looking to join the Phenom Elite family? All that stands in between where your team has fought to be and where they can go from here is endless potential, and Phenom Elite is the only partner to help take you from intent to impact.

The Phenom Elite Way

Phenom Elite is a company that manufactures highly customizable uniforms, apparel, and gear, while maintaining an excellent quality standard. Phenom Elite has been found to be much more flexible in terms of customization and pricing in comparison to its larger competitor counterpart brands. Phenom has built a large part of its brand based on its creativity and customization options for all products.

Team Sales:

Twitter: @PhenomElite

Contact for Media:

CEO - Nathan Dorton -

COO - Chandler Engel -

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