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Phenom Elite Gloves Will Steal the Attention

Phenom Elite Gloves Will Steal the Attention



Football gloves are often overlooked by coaches when purchasing or replenishing equipment for players. With so much attention paid to the marketability of the jerseys and other apparel, it only makes sense to equip players with a flashy set of gloves

Phenom Elite Brand Founder Nathan Dorton is a former walk-on wide receiver at Appalachian State. He admits he was never the most athletic player on the field. So, he looked for ways to gain an advantage on the competition.

One way he did that was to deck himself out in the most technologically advanced football gloves on the market. Since his playing days, Dorton has started a company that produces those very gloves.

Dorton recently connected with FNF Coaches for a Q&A.

What separates Phenom Elite gloves from the competition?

“Our gloves and grip is outstanding. We always figure out ways to make this better. Our gloves push the legal limit. They have been certified by the national associations, and they’re as close to legal as it gets.”

How do you come up with these designs?

“We just try to think of as much creative stuff that will appeal to high school and youth athletes.”

How are you surviving the pandemic?

“We’ve been OK. Our online sales operation is the majority of our business. That dropped considerably when everything closed. Parents weren’t buying gloves for a season that might not happen. It’s been growing, and we don’t have a lot of overhead. It could have been a lot worse. We've also had extra time to implement a few internal measures to improve our business systems moving forward. That's been great. ”

What can we expect from Phenom Elite Brand in the coming months?

“One thing we haven’t done that we’re about to do is solid colors. We’ll have a wide range. We have a lot of crazy designs. We want to make sure coaches and players have plenty of different options for groups. We will have options for about 12 colors.”

Do you sell mostly to individuals?

“It’s mostly to individuals. We have had coaches buy in bulk for position groups. I know all defensive backs on specific teams wore clown face and some of the other specialty gloves. We’re hoping to tap into the bulk orders with solid colors.”

What other apparel do you offer?

“We’ve developed a team uniform apparel line. We were the official provider of the Arena Football League last year. We have apparel, gloves, everything.”

The Phenom Elite Way

Phenom Elite is a company that manufactures highly customizable uniforms, apparel, and gear, while maintaining an excellent quality standard. Phenom Elite has been found to be much more flexible in terms of customization and pricing in comparison to its larger competitor counterpart brands. Phenom has built a large part of its brand based on its creativity and customization options for all products.

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