This is the official retail website of Phenom Elite. At Phenom Elite our primary mission is to provide high quality gloves and uniforms to teams and football programs at all levels of play. We want the players wearing Phenom Elite to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

The ability to customize our gear to its fullest potential and our low minimum orders provide an opportunity for your team to make a statement.

Our commitment to working as hard as we can for our teams is what separates us from other companies. We want to be able to work with you in not only creating a unique look, but helping the sales process be as efficient and time sensitive as possible.

We do our best to ensure all products are delivered on time and are EXACTLY what you created. Our products are created, critiqued and developed by former Division 1 college level players. Hopefully, this will allow you to identify with our brand even more!

Our product creators bled, sweat, cursed, and competed just like you did! We understand the grind of two-a-days, the 7 on 7 team camps, and the recruiting process. We identify with you as you trek through the summer and into the fall season. We want to provide you with the best product experience possible because we understand YOUR grind.



Phenom Elite was originally founded in 2013 by Nathan Dorton, who, as a former college football player at Appalachian State, could not find the quality of product he wanted. With a $65 investment he designed and manufactured his own glove. Shortly after, a full uniform and apparel line was developed and Phenom Elite began marketing its brand to help build a culture around quality products with the belief that our mission is bigger than sports.

That effort has led to deals with NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss, becoming the Official Uniform & On-Field apparel provider of the Arena Football League, the University of Southern Mississippi, and much, much, more. With continued growth, Phenom will continue to work to become one of the major players in the apparel brand industry in the years to come.




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2013 - Phenom Elite was formed.

2015 - We secured our first major Division 1 football team glove deal with the University of Southern Mississippi.

2016 - We became members of the Sports Inc Buying Group which includes over 500 team dealer stores nationwide. 

2017 - Announced a collaboration with NFL Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Randy Moss in which we produced a signature line of 'Randy Moss: Straight Touchdown Homie' receiver gloves.  

2018 - Became one of the first non-major apparel brands to launch American football cleats in recent history. 

2019 - Became the Official Uniform and On-Field Apparel Provider for the Arena Football League. This marks Phenom Elite's first major league sponsorship deal. 

2020 - BIG NEWS to be announced soon. 



Nathan Dorton - CEO & Founder - nathandorton@phenomelite.com

Ed Trussell - CFO - edtrussell@phenomelite.com

Wes Dorton - CFC - wes@phenomelite.com

Chandler Engel - COO & Creative Director - chandler@phenomelite.com

Brian Gundell - Brand Identity Director - brian@phenomeliteteam.com

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Stephanie Arminavage - Customer Service - customerservice@phenomelite.com

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