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High quality. Super Sticky.


Vapor-Shield: Padded Football Gloves - Black
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The Vapor-Shield 1.0 Gloves let you take over the game. Built with the same Vapor-Stick material on the palms helps secure catches like a Phenom, while a lightweight padded knit construction helps shield your hands from the combat of the game. 

  • VaporShield  Glove Model
  • VaporStick grip technology pushes the grip to its legal stick limit.
  • VaporKnit padded material is the top of the line in fit, breathability, performance, and strength.
  • Padded Protection & Durability.
  • NFHS/NCAA/SFIA standards status pending.
  • Reinforced stitching at weak points.

Solid colors

High quality. Super sticky.
king of the grip 👑

Our proprietary Vapor-Stick grip is long lasting and extremely sticky! All of our glove models are certified for use in NFHS & NCAA gameplay.

Wear Phenom. Be Elite.

Our product creators bled, sweat, cursed, and competed just like you did! We understand the grind of two-a-days, the 7 on 7 team camps, and the recruiting process. We identify with you as you trek through the summer and into the fall season. We want to provide you with the best product experience possible because we understand YOUR grind.


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Phantom Skull: Soft Shell Headgear
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Prestigious sports equipment brand Phenom Elite announced today that under a new licensing deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products , their best-selling gear will now feature some of your favorite DC Super Heroes, and other characters from the vast Warner Bros. portfolio. Click the image to read more...

Phenom Elite Brand Founder Nathan Dorton is a former walk-on wide receiver at Appalachian State. He admits he was never the most athletic player on the field. So, he looked for ways to gain an advantage on the competition. One way he did that was to deck himself out in the most technologically advanced football gloves on the market. Since his playing days, Dorton has started a company that produces those very gloves. Click the image to read more...

Founded in 2013, Phenom Elite CEO and Founder Nathan Dorton was inspired to break down the process behind the creation of the gloves used by his college football team. Needless to say, he did it. What started as a $65 loan from his dad is now a company committed to providing the highest quality equipment to large and small teams at all levels of play, with Nathan still at the helm. Click the image to read more...