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Quantum Speed 2.0 Football Cleats - Team Colors

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Introducing the upgraded Phenom Elite ‘Quantum Speed 2.0’ cleats—engineered for athletes who demand the pinnacle of speed and comfort on the field. The Quantum Speed 2.0 cleats bring forth revolutionary enhancements, featuring the all-new patented SprintSense™ traction plate, designed to optimize your sprinting capabilities with unprecedented grip and responsiveness.

  • Extra padding in the heel area for increased comfort and protection during intense gameplay.
  • Claiming the title of our lightest cleats yet, providing agility to outpace the competition without sacrificing durability or support.
  • Available in a vibrant spectrum of colors: Red, Blue, White, Black, Orange, Purple, and Navy.
  • Quantum Speed 2.0 allows for personalization to match your team colors.
  • Crafted from the finest materials for exceptional durability.
  • Sleek, streamlined design for a snug, comfortable fit.


Color: Red
Note: International customers are required to bear the cost of any applicable duties and taxes in their respective countries.

“Accelerate. Control. Dominate.”

SprintSense™ Technology is a cutting-edge advancement in athletic footwear designed to optimize speed, agility, and performance on the field. Engineered by Phenom Elite, SprintSense™ redefines the way athletes sprint and maneuver by providing unparalleled traction and responsiveness.

At the core of SprintSense™ lies a premium traction plate that leverages advanced materials and precision engineering to deliver maximum traction without sacrificing flexibility or comfort. The specialized quantum web pattern along with the conical studs is strategically designed to enhance traction during explosive sprints and rapid changes in direction, allowing athletes to accelerate with confidence and control.

SprintSense™ features a lightweight construction and sleek design to minimize fatigue and maximize endurance, ensuring that athletes can maintain peak performance throughout the game. With SprintSense™, every step feels dynamic and responsive, empowering athletes to sprint faster, cut sharper, and dominate the competition like never before. Experience the future of speed and agility with the SprintSense™ traction plate by Phenom Elite. Unlock your full potential on the field and leave your opponents in the dust with the ultimate sprint-enhancing technology.