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        VPS1 Glove Specs

        Premium Fit – Our premium 4-way stretch fabric wraps around the fingers and hand reducing finger movement, while maximizing dexterity and the feel of the ball. Engineered for the elite.

        Breathability – Our lightweight construction features next level fabrics for maximum airflow.

        Grip – We aren't #KingofGrip for no reason. Our proprietary vapor-stick grip is as sticky as it gets while pushing the legal limits.

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        Officially Licensed

        'The Batman' gloves are officially licensed through our special collaboration with DC Comics. We are the ONLY brand that carries the OFFICIAL 'The Batman' Gloves.

        ALL DC Characters and elements © & ™DC Comics. WB Shield: © & ™WBEI. (s23)


        Shop additional DC Comic characters and products in our 'Phenom Universe' collection. Including but not limited to: gloves, cleats, mouth guards, and other accessories.


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