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Phenom Elite Launches New Logo and Quantum Speed Cleats to Take the Next Leap in Performance

Phenom Elite Launches New Logo and Quantum Speed Cleats to Take the Next Leap in Performance

Columbia, SC - Today, Phenom Elite® ("Phenom" for short), a leading sports equipment and performance brand, unveiled its new official "P" logo mark today, new website, and significant improvements across its product lines. The company's dedicated team of designers and engineers have been hard at work, striving to create top-tier products that elevate athletes' performance. The new logo symbolizes the dynamic spirit and dedication of the Phenom brand.

Among the standout offerings is the Quantum Speed football cleats, engineered to deliver maximum speed and agility on the field. These cleats boast a lightweight design and exceptional traction, enabling athletes to make swift cuts and seamless changes of direction.

Phenom's Quantum Lite performance apparel is crafted to prioritize both comfort and functionality. Made from a lightweight and flexible fabric, the apparel moves effortlessly with the athlete, enhancing performance. It is available in a variety of styles and colors to suit individual preferences.

In addition to the Quantum Speed cleats and Quantum Lite apparel, Phenom introduces two new game-changing products to their lineup. The Quantum Knit Padded Scrunch Socks provide superior comfort and protection, with strategically placed padding that reduces impact during intense activities. These socks feature a stylish scrunch design and are crafted from a durable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep athletes comfortable and focused.

Phenom's Hexa-Flow 2.0 mouthguard offers athletes unparalleled protection and performance. This advanced mouthguard utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide a custom fit and optimal breathability. With its hexagonal design and shock-absorbing properties, the Hexa-Flow 2.0 mouthguard ensures maximum protection while allowing athletes to breathe and communicate with ease.

"At Phenom, we are committed to equipping athletes with the finest gear to help them achieve their aspirations," emphasized Nathan Dorton, Founder and CEO of Phenom Elite. "Our remarkable growth since our inception is reflected in our new logo and enhanced product lines. With the addition of these new products, we continue to raise the bar in athletic performance and style."

Known for its disruptive innovation and commitment to excellence, Phenom is poised to elevate its reputation with the introduction of the new logo and improved product line.

The all new slogan, "Unleash Your Elite," captures the essence of Phenom's mission and philosophy. By shortening the primary name of Phenom Elite to just "Phenom," the slogan reflects the brand's desire to emphasize the individual potential and greatness within every athlete. "Unleash Your Elite" serves as an empowering call to action, encouraging athletes to tap into their untapped potential and push their limits. Phenom believes that every athlete, regardless of their current level of skill or expertise, has the capacity to unleash their own level of elite qualities and greatness. The slogan serves as a reminder that with the right mindset, determination, and the right gear from Phenom, athletes can unlock their true potential and reach new heights in their athletic endeavors.

To learn more about Phenom Elite's new logo and its exceptional Quantum Speed cleats, Quantum Lite apparel, and other newly released products please visit the company's website at

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