Phenom Elite Warface Football Gloves - VPS1 - Phenom Elite
Phenom Elite Warface Football Gloves - VPS1 - Phenom Elite

Phenom Elite Warface Football Gloves - VPS1

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A nasty game face might work in battle, but what about the war? Amp up your
frontline performance with the most elite glove on the market. When your
strategy depends on a phenomenal catch every time, it’s time to take your
equipment from standard to tactical.

Product DNA

    • VaporStick 1.0 Glove Model
    • VaporStick grip technology pushes the grip to its legal stick limit.
    • VaporDri material is the top of the line in fit, breathability, performance, and strength.
    • Lightweight yet durable.
    • Meets NFHS/NCAA/SFIA standards.
    • Reinforced stitching at weak points
    • War Face Design

    • 45-Day Durability Guarantee
    • Unlimited Defective Guarantee


Vapor Stick Gloves by Phenom Elite

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