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Phenom Elite is a company that manufactures highly customizable uniforms, apparel, and gear, while maintaining an excellent quality standard. Phenom Elite has been found to be much more flexible in terms of customization and pricing in comparison to its larger competitor counterpart brands. Phenom has built a large part of its brand based on its creativity and customization options for all products. 

At Phenom Elite we seek to provide value through our hard work and dedication to the high quality products our company produces. We feel that this hard work and dedication directly correlates to the message we want to send to our athletes and people who use our products.

To be a 'Phenom Athlete' you have to be gritty, tough, and willing to define the moment regardless of circumstance. Our brand's goal is to aid in bringing to light the stories that are bigger than sports, eliminating the entitled, selfish and lazy minded athlete that is ever so common today.

Phenom Elite was originally founded in 2013 by Nathan Dorton, who, as a former college football player at Appalachian State, could not find the quality of product he wanted. With a $65 investment he designed and manufactured his own glove. Shortly after, a full uniform and apparel line was developed and Phenom Elite began marketing its brand to help build a culture around quality products with the belief that our mission is bigger than sports.

That effort has led to deals with NFL Hall of Famer Randy Moss, the University of Southern Mississippi, professional arena football teams, and much, much, more. With continued growth, we will continue to grind to become one of the major players in the apparel brand industry in the years to come.


Train to Conquer.


1. INNOVATION – Be creators.

2. QUALITY – Perform to the best of your abilities.

3. COMMITMENT – Commit to the process.

4. PERSEVERANCE – Learn to overcome obstacles and all doubts.

5. RESPECT – Respect the journey

6. LEADERS – Respect the journey.mething you’d want to follow.

7. SELF-AWARENESS – Know who you are; strengths and weaknesses.

Nathan Dorton

CEO & Founder

Email: nathandorton@phenomelite.com

Instagram: @tenaciousd83

Ed Trussell

Chief Financial Officer

Email: edtrussell@phenomelite.com

Wes Dorton 

Chief Financial Controller

Email: wes@phenomelite.com

Ray Dietrich

Chief Marketing Officer

Email: raydietrich@phenomelite.com

Instagram: @raydietrich

Chandler Engel

Customer Service

Email: customerservice@phenomelite.com

Austin Crabill


Email: austincrabill@phenomelite.com

PHONE: 888-494-2767 --- FAX: 888-492-1538



6903 St. Andrews Rd. Suite 4

Columbia, SC 29212

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