Our Story

Nathan Dorton

CEO & Founder

Email: nathandorton@phenomelite.com

Instagram: @tenaciousd83


Ed Trussell

Chief Financial Officer

Email: edtrussell@phenomelite.com

Wes Dorton 

Chief Financial Controller

Email: wes@phenomelite.com

Ray Dietrich

Chief Marketing Officer

Email: raydietrich@phenomelite.com

Instagram: @raydietrich


Chandler Engel

Customer Service

Email: customerservice@phenomelite.com


Austin Crabill


Austin Zulaf 


Eric Green




At Phenom Elite we seek to provide value through our hard work and dedication to the high quality products our company produces. We feel that this hard work and dedication directly correlates to the message we want to send to our athletes and people who use our products. To be a 'Phenom Athlete' you have to be gritty, tough, and willing to define the moment regardless of circumstance. Our brand's goal is to aid in bringing to light the stories that are bigger than sports, eliminating the entitled, selfish and lazy minded athlete that is ever so common today. Define the moment. No matter what.


Phenom Elite was originally founded by Nathan Dorton, who, as a former college football player at Appalachian State, could not find the quality of product he wanted so he, with $65, went out and had his own glove manufactured. After 6 months, Nathan brought on Josh Ortegon, a sports performance coach and friend, into the business to help take the product to market. Later, Ray Dietrich and Eric Green were added to enforce marketing efforts and to help build a culture around a quality product with the belief that our mission is bigger than sports 



PHONE: 888-494-2767 --- FAX: 888-492-1538





6903 St. Andrews Rd. Suite 4

Columbia, SC 29212




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