Why is Getting the 1st Scholarship Offer Always the Toughest?

The goal of each recruiting cycle for each coaching staff is to sign the best player possible to each scholarship. Many staffs don’t rush the process, they’d rather get it RIGHT than simply make it QUICK.

Understand—it’s a PROCESS.

I’ve worked with players who earned offers days or weeks before Signing Day. I’ve worked with coaches who don’t use all of their scholarships until they are 100% confident in a player they decide to offer, they don’t just use every spot until they are sold on a specific player who can help their team.

In certain situations, a coach doesn’t want to offer a player they are sure will commit until they are 100% sold on that player and confident they will be admitted into school and be eligible through the NCAA Eligibility Center—so many players have had to wait weeks or months in order to have a decision from a coaching staff.

Remember—you just need to find that one coaching staff who believes in you and you must be patient with the process!

On the bright side, after you get that first scholarship offer it can be easier to attract attention or get your foot in the door with other programs!

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