What’s Better – Highlight Video or Game Video

Which do coaches prefer? Have them both ready and included in what you mail/email to coaches, if possible.

Coaches get tons of emails with YouTube/Hudl links and hard copies of DVDs from players and have a limited amount of time to go through unsolicited videos. Remember, they are also viewing or requesting film on players they have already heard about and investing more time with those potential recruits who they’ve already heard about from trusted sources. The first hurdle will be to get someone to actually watch it.

When coaches sit down to watch unsolicited films they can often tell within a 20-30 seconds if you have the size and speed to be successful within their program. If they like what they see from those initial evaluations, they will move on to your game film links or request them from you or your coach. It’s great to send both if available so they have everything right there and can look at in one setting, make the most of your opportunity.

If coaches like what they see on your videos, they will pick up the phone and call your coach or rival coaches in the area. They may do more research, make plans to add you to their recruiting watch list or make plans to come out to see you in person. Getting the right people to watch your videos can be the first step to opening the door to scholarship offers.


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