Unofficial Visits: Setting Up a Visit to a School That Has Not Shown Interest Yet

The good news is within all programs – not all recruits who were offered scholarships were players who the coaches went after and found on their own. A good chunk of players who earn scholarship offers are ones who approached the school first. So, if you aren’t gaining much interest and/or if there are some programs you are very interested in but haven’t heard from yet, go ahead and reach out on your own!

But it’s important to understand that Unofficial Visits, especially ones where coaches devote any significant time to spend with you, are set up if there is mutual interest only.

Sure, sometimes you can call a week in advance and ask for a tour of the facilities and try to set up a meeting with one of the coaches. Some coaches may have time, most may not, if you aren’t a player they already know who would be a fit for their program. (If you have no scholarship offers, don’t waste your time reaching out to Top 25 teams, trying to set up visits. It’s best to start with smaller schools within your area, and working your way up.)

Some programs are more accommodating and can have a grad assistant give you a tour, most may not have the time. Time is priceless to coaches and unless they’ve seen/heard great things about you already from scouting services or local coaches, seen your game video or highlights or unless you have great size and measureables – you may not get more than a friendly intro… and an invitation to send your video.

It’s best not to just drop in—definitely call a few days or a week in advance before you make the trip all the way there. You may get there and visit during a Dead Period – an NCAA-regulated time when coaches are unable to have contact with prospects on the college campus. You may get there and nobody is available to meet – you definitely need to set up an appointment in advance if you are serious.

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