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Q: When a team sends you a questionnaire, what does that mean? Will they recruit me?

A: If a coach has sent you a questionnaire (one that you did not request), that’s a good first sign. Coaches send questionnaires to players they’ve heard SOMETHING about. You may have been recommended by your coach, attended a local/national combine and had good measureables […]
by Test Accounton March 29, 2019

Q: When is the best time to contact NCAA coaches?

A: A few answers to this question… Best time of day: Between 11am-2pm (local time) on their office phone. College coaches may not be in their office the whole time, but most coaches will be in their office at some point during this window—eating lunch, […]
by Test Accounton March 26, 2019

Q: When is it legal to send emails or videos to a college coach?

A: Any time. High school prospective student-athletes can call or email college coaches at any time at their own expense. The rules only apply to when coaches are able to contact prospective student-athletes or their families. You can reach out to them at any time! […]
by Test Accounton March 25, 2019

Q: I didn’t have a good junior year, is there any way I can get looks my senior year? Is junior year the most important year?

A: Yes, recruiting can pick up or even begin your senior year. If you have little or no interest after your junior year you have a few options. The most important things to remember if you are in this situation are that you must be […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 22, 2019

Q: What grade to college coaches start looking at you?

A: While they can’t contact you until sometime around your junior year (it varies by sport), coaches are researching and compiling lists of top sophomores and freshmen, sometimes even younger. Coaches work off a list of players that they are recruiting, let’s call it their […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 16, 2019

Q: What grade should I start going to college camps?

A: It’s perfectly fine to wait to go to camps the summer before your senior year. If you are an elite, top prospect in your state, you may be encouraged to attend camps the summer before your junior or sophomore year. If financially possible, attending […]
by 1001recruittipson August 08, 2018
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