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Q: How do I turn “Interests” into “Offers?”

By Test Account March 21, 2019 | All Evaluations Improvements Scholarship Offers

A: Great question! All these emails, letters, cards and Unofficial Visits won’t mean much at the end of the day, unless they lead to offers, right? You may feel that offers just fall freely from the sky for other players in your area, but truthfully, coaches put a ton of...

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Q: Is it okay to ask a coach where you fit on their list and how they see you competing for the scholarship offer?

By 1001Recruit Tips March 18, 2019 | All Communicating with Coaches Scholarship Offers

A: Sure, in fact you should ask if you have a scholarship offer and are considering committing to them. You should ask coaches what their specific plan is for your development. And remember – competition is not a bad thing, especially if you want to win games and play for...

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Q: Can Junior Colleges offer me athletic scholarships like NCAA programs?

By 1001recruittips August 12, 2018 | All Junior Colleges Scholarship Offers

A: Yes, you can receive athletic scholarships to many Junior Colleges programs that include tuition, fees, room, board, books, course-related materials and transportation costs (one time per academic year). Each school varies with what type of athletic scholarship aid they are able to offer— ranging from full scholarships to partial...

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Q: If I walk-on and am good, can I eventually earn scholarship money and/or get playing time?

By 1001recruittips August 12, 2018 | All Scholarship Offers Walk-Ons

A: Yes, if you are able to provide quality backup minutes to a starter, you will probably earn playing time and possibly a scholarship – but it may take you a few seasons. I’ve worked with walk-ons who saw significant playing time, who earned scholarships and who were major contributors...

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Q: The coaching staff that has been recruiting me has been fired or taken a job at another school—does my scholarship offer still stand?

By 1001recruittips August 08, 2018 | All Committing Communicating with Coaches Scholarship Offers

A: One of the toughest hurdles a player can go through during their career is dealing with a coaching change, especially at the collegiate level. Whether a coach retires, leaves for another school, decides to go coach a pro team or gets fired—emotions run high and the media and critics...

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Q: Is it typical for a coach to offer you a scholarship, then tell you later that they’ve offered that scholarship to two other players?

By 1001recruittips August 08, 2018 | All Committing Communicating with Coaches Scholarship Offers

A: Yes, it does happen. With recruiting beginning earlier and earlier, coaches are anxious to get their top prospects committed and finished with the recruiting process. With each scholarship class coaches determine their needs, position-by-position, and allocate slots based on where they are lacking depth. Once they determine their needs...

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Q: Does it mean a school will offer you a scholarship if they are sending you letters and emails?

By 1001recruittips August 08, 2018 | All Communicating with Coaches Scholarship Offers

A: No, letters are sent to players that are on the coach staff’s ‘Watch List.’ As we’ve discussed, there are several reasons why players may be added to this list—but this list changes weekly and is, especially early in the process for juniors, just a preliminary list. Getting letters means...

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Q: How do I ask for scholarship money without looking like I’m just in it for the money?

By 1001recruittips August 05, 2018 | All Scholarship Offers Selection Factors

A: Realistically, for many players, money WILL be a major decision factor when selecting a future school. Colleges vary greatly with the costs of tuition, room and board, course-related books, fees, along with transportation and extra expenses you may have such as cell phone bills, clothing, entertainment. It all adds...

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Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Advice for Scholarship Signees and Invited Walk-Ons

By 1001recruittips August 05, 2018 | All Improvements Scholarship Offers Walk-Ons What to Expect: Year-by-Year

The NLI is signed! But… this is not the end of the process for you– it’s just the beginning: #1– No matter how talented you are, you didn’t get to this point alone. Now is the time to thank your parents, siblings, coaches, family members, mentors, teammates and friends who...

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Could I Sign with a Lower Level and Plan to Transfer in a Year or Two to a Higher Division?

By 1001recruittips August 01, 2018 | All Committing NCAA Rules Scholarship Offers

Does your plan include signing with a school, and then jumping ship in a year or two to greener pastures? Is it possible, yes. Is it your best option, probably not. If you are considering this option, you are likely not getting the offers that you are interested in, or...

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How to Help Pay for College Outside of Athletic Scholarships?

By 1001recruittips August 01, 2018 | All Scholarship Offers

Hundreds of thousands of student-athletes are lucky enough to earn athletic scholarships… but millions of other students each year are not, and must find ways to pay for their college education! Tuition, university fees, room and board, academic supplies, books and living expenses add up quickly! Here are some ways...

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Do Walk-Ons Ever Earn Scholarship Money?

By 1001recruittips August 01, 2018 | All Scholarship Offers Walk-Ons

If you are a contributing member of the team who works their way into a starting position or who makes major contributions in-games and has earned a significant role with consistent playing time, there is a good chance your coach may award you with some scholarship money as a senior...

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