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Q: Coaches want to switch my position but I think I’m too slow for that new position. What should I do?

A: Coaches are going to have an idea of what position they will use you at. Depending on your base size, speed and general skills (ball handling, ball control, hands, burst, toughness, ability to play defense)—they have a pretty good idea of where they want […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 20, 2019

Q: I’m a WR with talent but my QB doesn’t throw my way much, how can I get recognized without catches?

A: If the quarterback isn’t throwing your way often, you’ll worry your stats won’t be good enough to get recruited. College coaches know that stats can be misleading and many coaches don’t put too much weight on their importance, instead they evaluate overall skills, size […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 15, 2019

What Makes You Unique? Get an Edge…

If you are looking for an edge in recruiting, a way to separate yourself from the other players at your level and to climb into the next level of competition—think about how you can become unique, how can you separate yourself? What can you become […]
by 1001recruittipson August 01, 2018

Stats: Will Leading the League in Stats Help Me Get Noticed?

Not necessarily, coaches know stats can be misleading so they don’t base evaluations heavily off of them. Sure, if you lead the league, it might help you get “noticed” or your foot in the door. They may send you a questionnaire or ask the coaches […]
by 1001recruittipson July 26, 2018

Size vs. Skill: What’s More Important?

The main factors coaches are evaluating are position-specific skills, size, strength and speed. Most players may not be great at all four, but being exceptional with any of those qualities can help you get on the map or get the recruiting conversations going. Never let […]
by 1001recruittipson July 26, 2018
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