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Q: When is it legal to send emails or videos to a college coach?

A: Any time. High school prospective student-athletes can call or email college coaches at any time at their own expense. The rules only apply to when coaches are able to contact prospective student-athletes or their families. You can reach out to them at any time! […]
by Test Accounton March 25, 2019

Q: What grade to college coaches start looking at you?

A: While they can’t contact you until sometime around your junior year (it varies by sport), coaches are researching and compiling lists of top sophomores and freshmen, sometimes even younger. Coaches work off a list of players that they are recruiting, let’s call it their […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 16, 2019

Q: Will colleges give you free tickets to a game for an Unofficial Visit?

A: Yes, during an Unofficial Visit, the institution may offer a maximum of three complimentary admissions (issued only through a pass list) to a home athletics event at any facility within a 30-mile radius of a member institution’s main campus, in which the institution’s intercollegiate […]
by 1001recruittipson August 12, 2018

Q: What’s the difference between an Official Visit and Unofficial Visit?

A: Any visit to a college campus by a college-bound student-athlete or his or her parents paid for by the college is an “Official Visit.” Visits paid for by college-bound student-athletes or their parents are “Unofficial Visits.” During an Official Visit the college can pay […]
by 1001recruittipson August 12, 2018

Q: If a coach invites you to camp, will they cover the cost? Does that count as an Official Visit?

A: No, all campers – regardless if invited or offered scholarships already or not – must pay the same price for camp. The NCAA mandates that it’s… “Impermissible to provide a reduced or free admission to an athletics award winner or any individual being recruited […]
by 1001recruittipson August 08, 2018

Q: What is an NCAA Core Course? Do all of my classes count towards the required GPA needed for athletic scholarships?

A: From the NCAA…A core course must: • Be an academic course in one or a combination of these areas: English (English 1-4, American Literature, creative writing), Math (Algebra 1-3, Geometry, statistics), Natural of physical science (biology, chemistry, physics), Social science (American History, civics, government) […]
by 1001recruittipson August 05, 2018
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