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Q: I’ve emailed at least 20 coaches with little or no response. Should I give up?

By Test Account March 31, 2019 | All Getting Noticed Improvements

A: No. If you really want to play at the collegiate level understand that you may have to reach out to hundreds of programs to reach your dream. But also remember you just need that ONE staff to believe in you – not every school in the country. – When...

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Q: Can poor character displayed on social media really hurt an athlete’s chance of being recruited? Do coaches really care?

By Test Account March 22, 2019 | All Communicating with Coaches Evaluations Improvements

A: As a prospective college athlete understand that not only are you being evaluated by your skills, size, speed and grades, your character is also under the microscope. It’s not just about what you put out there in your words, it’s also very telling who you are connected to and...

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Q: How do I turn “Interests” into “Offers?”

By Test Account March 21, 2019 | All Evaluations Improvements Scholarship Offers

A: Great question! All these emails, letters, cards and Unofficial Visits won’t mean much at the end of the day, unless they lead to offers, right? You may feel that offers just fall freely from the sky for other players in your area, but truthfully, coaches put a ton of...

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Q: Coaches want to switch my position but I think I’m too slow for that new position. What should I do?

By 1001Recruit Tips March 20, 2019 | All Getting Noticed Improvements Position Tips

A: Coaches are going to have an idea of what position they will use you at. Depending on your base size, speed and general skills (ball handling, ball control, hands, burst, toughness, ability to play defense)—they have a pretty good idea of where they want you to line up at...

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Q: I’m a WR with talent but my QB doesn’t throw my way much, how can I get recognized without catches?

By 1001Recruit Tips March 15, 2019 | All Evaluations Improvements Position Tips

A: If the quarterback isn’t throwing your way often, you’ll worry your stats won’t be good enough to get recruited. College coaches know that stats can be misleading and many coaches don’t put too much weight on their importance, instead they evaluate overall skills, size and speed. If you have...

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Q: How do I get recruited if I live in a small town where coaches don’t recruit or if my team isn’t very good?

By 1001Recruit Tips March 07, 2019 | All Getting Noticed Improvements

A: One of the most common questions or worries that I hear is, “Help, I live in the middle of nowhere, nobody will ever find me” or “My team sucks, nobody will ever come to my school to scout me.” WRONG! This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there!...

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Q: How can I improve my mental toughness and confidence? I use to be mentally tougher but am going through a slump.

By 1001recruittips August 12, 2018 | All Improvements

A: It’s natural, even the best athletes doubt themselves at some point. You will likely have many people tell you that you won’t make it, you aren’t good enough, that you aren’t talented… believe me, it’s extremely tough to tune out and ignore, but you must ignore it! To build...

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Q: I work hard 7 days a week with no sign of moving up, what else do I need to do to get better?

By 1001recruittips August 12, 2018 | All Getting Noticed Improvements

A: Relax—GREATNESS takes time! Players don’t develop over weeks or a few months, it takes a year or years to begin to see significant differences. It’s up to you to decide if you are willing to put in the time and it’s up to you to remain mentally tough. People...

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Q: How can I find a balance between earning a scholarship and spending time with friends and family?

By 1001recruittips August 12, 2018 | All Improvements

A: Having the goal of playing sports on the collegiate level comes with great sacrifice. It won’t be easy, it’s a time-consuming process and you will have to devote a lot of energy to improve and play on the next level. And once you’re a collegiate athlete, you will still...

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Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Advice for Scholarship Signees and Invited Walk-Ons

By 1001recruittips August 05, 2018 | All Improvements Scholarship Offers Walk-Ons What to Expect: Year-by-Year

The NLI is signed! But… this is not the end of the process for you– it’s just the beginning: #1– No matter how talented you are, you didn’t get to this point alone. Now is the time to thank your parents, siblings, coaches, family members, mentors, teammates and friends who...

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Always Remain in Control of Recruiting Process

By 1001recruittips August 01, 2018 | All Improvements

Your dream is something that you will have to fight for, live for and chase on a daily basis. Don’t ever take your foot off the gas, when positive things begin happening for you is when you need to hit the gas even harder. You will have doors slammed in...

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Never Put an Expiration Date on Your Dreams!

By 1001recruittips August 01, 2018 | All Getting Noticed Improvements Junior Colleges NAIA

To some the recruiting process will be more than frustrating and to some, the rejection and feedback (or lack of response) may be too much. Remember—you just need to find that ONE coaching staff who believes in you, not earn 50 scholarship offers from schools across the country. You may...

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