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Q: When is it legal to send emails or videos to a college coach?

A: Any time. High school prospective student-athletes can call or email college coaches at any time at their own expense. The rules only apply to when coaches are able to contact prospective student-athletes or their families. You can reach out to them at any time! […]
by Test Accounton March 25, 2019

Q: What do I do if my high school coach isn’t sending out my film?

A: Your coaches can help you get your foot in the door, but you can also get the process started without them. Believe it or not, a lot of high school coaches don’t send out much film or help their players be proactive with the […]
by Test Accounton March 24, 2019

Q: Where do players send their film to be evaluated? Can they send it to college coaches directly?

A: Yes! Each coaching staff splits recruiting responsibilities, normally by location, position or grad year. For this reason, it is a big time and energy-saver to begin the process by contacting the coach who is responsible for recruiting your hometown or position. Once the recruiting […]
by Test Accounton March 23, 2019

How to Get Coach’s Contact Info & to Get an Evaluation of Your Video

– Find the official athletic department website. Google it! – Most official university athletic websites have a ‘Department Directory’ or a ‘Staff Directory’ link. Find the phone number for the Athletic Department switchboard or the direct number for you specific sport. Some schools list direct […]
by 1001recruittipson August 01, 2018

The #1 Rule to Get Noticed by College Coaches

The #1 rule to memorize heading into this process is that in order for a coach to be interested in recruiting you, they MUST see you play—either in person or on video. Remind yourself of this over and over every time you find yourself frustrated […]
by 1001recruittipson July 27, 2018

SETBACKS: Not Hearing Anything Back After Sending Video or Questionnaire

First off, this is normal for many players. You may have hundreds of unreturned phone calls and emails—I’m not exaggerating! It’s not always easy. For most of you, it won’t be easy. There could be a few issues: #1- Are you old enough for coaches […]
by 1001recruittipson July 26, 2018
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