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While the only thing that matters to the coaches recruiting you is how they evaluate you within their sport, evaluations are evolving to also appreciating the skills and strengths other sports can help you develop – that can help you grow your game in your […]
by 1001recruittipson July 05, 2019

Q: Can poor character displayed on social media really hurt an athlete’s chance of being recruited? Do coaches really care?

A: As a prospective college athlete understand that not only are you being evaluated by your skills, size, speed and grades, your character is also under the microscope. It’s not just about what you put out there in your words, it’s also very telling who […]
by Test Accounton March 22, 2019

Q: How do I turn “Interests” into “Offers?”

A: Great question! All these emails, letters, cards and Unofficial Visits won’t mean much at the end of the day, unless they lead to offers, right? You may feel that offers just fall freely from the sky for other players in your area, but truthfully, […]
by Test Accounton March 21, 2019

Q: What if I am undersized or underweight, can I still be considered for a scholarship?

A: Great size is a trait that can help you get on the recruiting map, often even if coaches haven’t had the chance to evaluate your skills or see you play. But, what happens if you have the skill but not great size? Will getting […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 17, 2019

Q: What grade to college coaches start looking at you?

A: While they can’t contact you until sometime around your junior year (it varies by sport), coaches are researching and compiling lists of top sophomores and freshmen, sometimes even younger. Coaches work off a list of players that they are recruiting, let’s call it their […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 16, 2019

Q: I’m a WR with talent but my QB doesn’t throw my way much, how can I get recognized without catches?

A: If the quarterback isn’t throwing your way often, you’ll worry your stats won’t be good enough to get recruited. College coaches know that stats can be misleading and many coaches don’t put too much weight on their importance, instead they evaluate overall skills, size […]
by 1001Recruit Tipson March 15, 2019
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