Q: What’s the easiest way to get recruited?

by 1001Recruit Tips March 10, 2019 0 Comments

A: For many of you, there is no ‘easy’ way. There will be a lot of unreturned emails and voicemails. Coaches may not be showing up to your games or calling you. They may be quickly rejecting you. At times it may feel impossible.

For many of you, you will have to go FIND your opportunities. If coaches aren’t coming to you, you will have to go to them.

The #1 rule to remember is that in order for a coach to be interested in recruiting you, they MUST see you play. Of the “8 Reasons Why Players May Get Recruited” – how can you use those to get noticed?

1001Recruit Tips
1001Recruit Tips



Q: I’ve emailed at least 20 coaches with little or no response. Should I give up?

by Test Account March 31, 2019 0 Comments

A: No. If you really want to play at the collegiate level understand that you may have to reach out to hundreds of programs to reach your dream. But also remember you just need that ONE staff to believe in you – not every school […]

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Q: I’m ready to send my info to colleges – what should I write in the letters to coaches?

by Test Account March 30, 2019 0 Comments

A: The #1 Rule to getting coaches to notice you is that they MUST see you play—either on person or on tape—to have any legitimate interest in recruiting you. So before you send college coaches’ letters or emails, get your highlights and game film together […]

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Q: When a team sends you a questionnaire, what does that mean? Will they recruit me?

by Test Account March 29, 2019 0 Comments

A: If a coach has sent you a questionnaire (one that you did not request), that’s a good first sign. Coaches send questionnaires to players they’ve heard SOMETHING about. You may have been recommended by your coach, attended a local/national combine and had good measureables […]

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