Q: If I have committed to one school, can I attend a game of another? Will this affect my relationship with the team I’ve committed to?

A: Yes, it’s not a good look! If your boyfriend/girlfriend went on a date to the movies with someone else, how would you feel?

Unless the other school has invited a group of your teammates, and you’re going along with the group, it’s definitely not a good idea if you plan on staying committed to this first team. And keep in mind, you may view it as innocent and going with a group from your team, but if you are a highly-rated recruit the coaching staff likely invited your team in order to get your ear. Coaches have ulterior motives, and depending on the sport and coaching staff, players are all still fair game into the NLI’s (National Letter of Intent) are signed!

If they invited you individually, and you plan on staying committed to this first school, don’t go. It definitely will stir the pot and can cause coaches to question your recruitment and loyalty. Loyalty is of huge importance to a lot of coaches, and the move won’t be taken well.

And in today’s world of Twitter and recruiting blogs—someone will find out, and someone will write about it. You will likely visit with the news hitting the internet, so be warned!

But the bigger question is, are you sure of your initial commitment? Are you considering re-opening the process and looking at other options? Did you feel pressured to commit early, and are now questioning your decision?

There is nothing wrong with de-committing from a program if you truly feel it’s not a good fit. Some players move forward, even after they’ve decided in their heart it’s probably not the best decision for them, and eventually end up transferring in a year or two anyway, and possibly be forced to sit out depending on transfer rules. Until you sign your NLI, you can de-commit and re-open your recruitment, if you truly feel you’ve made a mistake. It may come with some temporary internet and Twitter criticism, but ultimately, you have to make the best decision for you, not for everyone else.

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