Q: If a coach invites you to camp but you can’t go, do you fall off their radar?

by 1001recruittips on August 08, 2018

A: No, camps are just one way to get noticed but not your only opportunity! If possible, try to get to a local camp or talk to your coach about taking your team to a local university Team Camp. Camps are great opportunities to get on the map with colleges –but you won’t be eliminated from recruitment if you can’t make it.

The #1 rule to remember in order to get recruited is that coaches MUST see you play either in person or on tape—in order to be interested in recruiting you. There are multiple ways that this happens—you can send your highlights or game film (hard copy or via email), you can attend camps, participate in local combines, play in AAU tournaments, as well as being noticed by a third-party scout in your region.

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