Q: I have struggles getting to summer camps, what else do you suggest? Do I have to go to camp in order to get recruited?

A: Camps are just one way to get noticed but not your only opportunity! If you can’t afford to go to overnight or week-long camps (and associated travel costs), here are a few options that might make them more affordable:

– Pro-Rated Camp Fees: For example, if a camp is $300 for five days, you may be able to attend one day for $60.

– Elite Camps: Most schools host ‘elite’ camps and invite potential prospects to a smaller camp where coaches can spend more time with you on an individual basis, as well as see how better players within the region/state compete against each other. These camps are often just for one session or one day, and cheaper than their Individual Camps.

– Team Camps: Team camps are a great recruiting tool for colleges, and normally offer cheaper group rates than the individual camps. Talk to your coach about getting a group together from your school to save.

The #1 Rule to remember in order to get recruited is that coaches MUST see you play either in person or on tape—in order to be interested in recruiting you. There are multiple ways that this happens—you can send your film (hard copy or via email), you can attend camps, participate in local combines, play in AAU tournaments, as well as being noticed by a third-party scout in your region.

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