Q: Can you call a college coach that you have had little contact with to show your interest?

A: Before your junior year, don’t worry too much about communicating with coaches, instead you should focus your attention on your academics and your position skills, speed, strength and leadership. Even if you’re starting on varsity, it’s better to invest your time in becoming a better player than trying to earn a bunch of early offers.

If you are a junior or senior, there are two answers to this question:

If a coach from the school gave you their card, has been to your school or games to see you, has invited you to campus or camps, has talked to your coach, etc…

Sure! Coaches are doing their research on their top recruits (although just because you may fall into this category that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re one of their top recruits). They’re trying to get to know everything about their decision factors, family, attitude. But—as much as coaches are researching you—they like for you to do your research as well. They want you to ask questions, show initiative, communicate with them.

If they have opened the door with some interest or communication, sure—reach out to them! Update them on your academic progress, ask questions about the major you’re interested in, congratulate them on victories, send them your film and Student-Athlete Resume.

Sure! It never hurts to reach out to coaches at the schools that you are interested in. But first—make sure you have your highlights together and your Student-Athlete Resume ready. Coaches can’t evaluate your talent without seeing you play, and there isn’t a lot to talk about until coaches can evaluate your skills! Get the process going with that school on your own if you think you may have the talent to play there!

Be sure to get the name and direct contact info (email, office phone number) for the coach who recruits your hometown or position. This is the first person you need to get in touch with! Find out who the recruiting coach is and send them your information directly!

It’s important to have dreams but you must also have a realistic backup plan. If you have no scholarship offers, don’t spend a lot of time calling every Top 25 team. You’ll have much more success if you start contacting schools within 200-400 miles than a bunch of national powerhouses. Open your eyes up to ALL the opportunities out there!

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