Podyum and Phenom Elite form Global Partnership

Podyum and Phenom Elite form Global Partnership

by Nate Dorton July 31, 2018 0 Comments

Phenom Elite is proud to announce a global partnership with The Podyum involving our full line of equipment and apparel and Podyum's international american football web based platform. The Podyum plans to become the "LinkedIn" of american football recruiting internationally.

We pride ourselves on our alignment with top caliber companies and the Podyum is no exception. Our Phenom Elite products will be present at all of The Podyum's 2018 European Camps & Combines, on their Facebook Store, and for everyone in Europe, with Football America UK.

About The Podyum:

Podyum is an online networking platform for professional football athletes and coaches seeking employment. All college, high school, and international football jobs organized in one place. We seek to grow American football across the globe. It's our mission to help athletes and coaches secure jobs with our network of 400+ football organizations.

Podyum was founded by two former Division 1 athletes from the University of South Dakota who went on to play professionally together in Europe. The initial goal of Podyum was simply to help pro athletes earn contracts with international and arena teams. The Podyum platform quickly expanded to help coaches land jobs as the demand for quality coaches internationally became very high.

Today, we now organize and advertise coaching jobs from all levels including high school, collegiate, and professional. Podyum provides coaches the ability to organize and sort specific positions, location, and more. If you're a coach looking for a new job, or a player looking to play professionally, Podyum's got you covered.

We host camps and combines across the globe to give athletes the best opportunity to improve their skills and get scouted. See our international camps here: https://www.thebreakthrough.camp

We also sponsor the Podyum College Showcase held in Miami where we bring in 100 highly scouted draft eligible athletes to perform in front of scouts of all levels:http://showcase.thepodyum.com

Proudly serving:
16,000+ Athletes and Coaches 
400+ football organizations

Nate Dorton
Nate Dorton


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