Keeping Your Recruiting Coaches Updated on Who Has Offered You

Is it ok to tell the coaches who are recruiting you if another school offers you too? Yes, in fact many coaches will ask you what schools you have offers from in your early conversations. As the process moves on, coaches most likely will continue to ask you which schools have offered, which schools have come to see you play or invited you to games/camps.

Coaches want to know who their competition is. But more importantly, as you tell them which schools have offered you or are showing interest, they are trying to learn more about your likes and dislikes. As you discuss these offers and visits coaches are learning more about what eliminates programs from consideration and what factors move schools up on your list.

– Do you want to stay close to home, or go far away? Will distance play any factor?
– Do you want to play in a certain conference?
– Do you want to go to a big school?
– Do you want to live in a major city or would you prefer to live in a college town environment?
– Is playing time a major factor?

You aren’t bragging, you are being open and honest, a trait you should expect from the coaches recruiting you. You don’t have to send out a mass text or email anytime you get an offer or visit from a coach but it is ok (and encouraged) to tell your recruiting coaches in conversations or be honest if they ask.

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