Keep a Direct Line of Communication with Recruiting Coaches

Contact the schools that are interested in recruiting you or that you have an interest in and give them your contact info and ask to have a questionnaire sent to you. If you are in contact with any coaches, give them your home address, home phone number, cell phone number and email address so they can send you information and call you directly.

Some high school coaches hide mail from their players and don’t always pass along phone messages that coaches leave. If you are a great player, there may be other schools out there that are interested in recruiting you that you may never hear about. If certain coaches have tried to make contact with you or anyone in your circle, call the school and give them your direct info!

Each year I reached out to several coaches to get direct contact information for their players and would get about 25% of them telling me that we need to go through them directly to speak with the player. There’s always another group of coaches who don’t respond at all. With technology, our coaches could reach out to them on Facebook and get their contact info directly. Players whose coaches kept us from them were happy to hear from us when we went around their high school coaches! In many cases, when the coach finally gets in touch with the player, they had no idea we were interested. Not every prep coach is looking out for your best interested and sharing all of the information with you.

Nobody should be blocking this knowledge from you so it’s best if the college coaches know how to contact you directly to avoid this issue.

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