IMPROVEMENTS: 10 Sacrifices You Can Make to Become a Better Player

#1 – VIDEO GAMES: Put the controller down!!! Play only on the weekend or give them up all together. Use that time during the week for homework or preparing for the ACT or SAT.

#2 – Go out to the field or court 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes late to get in extra drills every day. Encourage teammates to join you. Extra practice will help you separate yourself if it’s taken seriously on a daily basis.

#3 – Stop eating fried foods, processed foods, candy and fast food. Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet.

#4 – Keep your body pure – No drinking, smoking or drugs!

#5 – Make getting enough sleep a priority. Go to bed early and take naps when possible.

#6 – Wake up an hour early a few times per week to get in extra conditioning. BONUS – Waking up early will help build mental toughness!

#7 – Get position-specific drills in EVERY DAY of the offseason! Ask your coach which drills will help you that you can do on your own. Elite players use the offseason to improve, not just to stay in shape. Select position-specific drills you need improvement on and focus on them every day of the offseason.

#8 – Drink more water! Eliminate sodas and don’t overdo it with extra sugar from juice and sport drinks.

#9 – Give up the negative people and influences in your life. Most times, you know exactly WHO and WHAT is holding you back from your dreams and goals. These people and issues are toxic to your future! They are draining you of positive energy which is a NECESSITY on your path to success!

#10 – Get a part-time job (grocery store, mall, restaurant, valet, hospital, construction, moving company) to save up money to attend camps and combines or for travel to visit schools. Do not allow money to be an excuse! A job will also help you build maturity and mental toughness!

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