Always Remain in Control of Recruiting Process

Your dream is something that you will have to fight for, live for and chase on a daily basis. Don’t ever take your foot off the gas, when positive things begin happening for you is when you need to hit the gas even harder. You will have doors slammed in your face and you will likely be underestimated— setbacks that all successful people and champions have faced. You must have a plan, a passion and a purpose and I have hoped to draw that out of you throughout this book.

It’s important to have a dream, chase the goals that everyone tells you that you will never achieve and to keep believing—but it’s equally as important to have a solid back- up plan. You never want to leave any offers or opportunities on the table. Remember—no school will ever justify how talented you are, never base your value as a person on who has offered you—you are worth way more than that!

I am here to tell you that no matter what, YOU are the only person who will stop yourself. Not your coaches, your parents, your teammates or your grades. Whenever you feel powerless (which you will at some point, we all do), remember that you always have the power to get an extra workout in, the power to go for a run, the power to be patient, the power to study harder, the power to work harder, to try again and to always have control of your attitude. If you ‘find a way’ in everything you do, good things start happening!
FIND a way, MAKE a way, BE RELENTLESS and don’t you EVER quit on yourself—no matter how many people try to stand in your way!

Good luck—see you at the finish line.

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