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by 1001Recruit Tips on July 10, 2019


While the only thing that matters to the coaches recruiting you is how they evaluate you within their sport, evaluations are evolving to also appreciating the skills and strengths other sports can help you develop – that can help you grow your game in your […]
by 1001recruittips on July 05, 2019

Q: I’ve emailed at least 20 coaches with little or no response. Should I give up?

A: No. If you really want to play at the collegiate level understand that you may have to reach out to hundreds of programs to reach your dream. But also remember you just need that ONE staff to believe in you – not every school […]
by Test Account on March 31, 2019

Q: I’m ready to send my info to colleges – what should I write in the letters to coaches?

A: The #1 Rule to getting coaches to notice you is that they MUST see you play—either on person or on tape—to have any legitimate interest in recruiting you. So before you send college coaches’ letters or emails, get your highlights and game film together […]
by Test Account on March 30, 2019

Q: When a team sends you a questionnaire, what does that mean? Will they recruit me?

A: If a coach has sent you a questionnaire (one that you did not request), that’s a good first sign. Coaches send questionnaires to players they’ve heard SOMETHING about. You may have been recommended by your coach, attended a local/national combine and had good measureables […]
by Test Account on March 29, 2019

Q: If you get mail from schools because of PSAT, is that their only interest?

A: Most likely – is the envelope from the Admissions Office or the Athletic Department? When coaches are recruiting you, they will normally have a preprinted return address that marks it from the specific sport. If it’s not coming from that sport office or the […]
by Test Account on March 28, 2019


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